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What’s all this, then?

I set this up so you can easily find out when I have a writing-related event coming up: a piece appearing in a journal (print or online), a public reading, or a book coming out.

I’m going to send stuff out every now and then. It’s not a regular schedule, and probably never will be, but I’ll try to be mindful of your time and energy (see above 😊). I originally planned to post here only when I have a reading or publication coming up, but I have event updates that I think are of interest, and it’s easy enough to delete anything you don’t want to read. And also I’m not doing enough reading or publication to keep sending stuff out, and I feel like a slacker.

If this is a problem for you, let me know (I will listen, but don’t promise to do anything). Consider this an informal poll.

I will note in the subject line when something new is available and has a potential action attached:

  • A piece of my writing is published, or will be published soon, and you can access/order/read it right now.

  • I am scheduled for a reading and you can get a ticket now, or it’s an unticketed event and you can add it to your calendar immediately.

I’m not charging anything for this service! You get full access to the newsletter and website with a free subscription. (If you want to pay some money, God bless you, and I won’t turn it down. But it doesn’t get you any more news.)

Signing up means you won’t have to remember to come look at the website—or phone me, or text, email, write a letter, hire a courier, go to Western Union to send a telegraph, train carrier pigeons, search out a spiritual medium, or otherwise try to contact me directly—to find out the latest news. (Not that I mind hearing from you!)

Lord knows you have enough stuff to do without all that. It will also help me, because I won’t have to worry about you possibly missing something you’re interested in.

Stay up-to-date — avoid FOMO!

Sign up and you won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox.

For the avid…or rabid

There’s another Substack feature I plan to take advantage of, “Notes.” I’ll use it to post random things I find interesting/valuable/noteworthy—links to books I’m reading, interesting websites, comments on other writers’ notes, short funny bits (I’m funny sometimes!), or whatever strikes my fancy as shareable that day. You can view them on the web or in the app, or you can ignore them entirely. You won’t miss any of my writing-related news if you skip the Notes. You can learn more about the feature in the Getting Started with Notes article.


I highly encourage every reader to patronize local bookstores! Buy your books there! Support the literary community! You can shop at to help support your local artists. And from time to time I will post links to books you can purchase there;’ I’m an affiliate, so I may make a commission from purchases you make through such links. (And if so, thank you for your support!)

I used to put Amazon affiliate links for books in my posts. At least, for a couple of early posts. But you know what? Life is short, and Amazon doesn’t need it, and I don’t need the headaches. So I canceled my affiliate account with them. Any such links no longer send me any money…they give it all to Jeff. So if you buy books, please patronize your local bookshop, or use, where I still have an affiliate account.

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My name is Davi Gray. My pronouns are they/she. I am a queer, trans, nonbinary poet, writer, artist, storyteller, activist, and abolitionist. I’m living in Minneapolis (Bde Óta Othúŋwe), on lands taken from the Dakota and Ojibwe.